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What is KAATSU?

KAATSU is a means to strengthen muscles through blood flow moderation exercise. KAATSU uses proprietary patented equipment that includes a monitoring device and pneumatic bands that go around either the upper arms or upper legs. KAATSU can be done either while sitting or moving.

The benefits of KAATSU are that it produces significant effects in a short time using either no weights or extremely light resistance.

KAATSU. Whether a professional athlete or an aging Baby Boomer, KAATSU produces results.

Claude Groulx is a certified Naturopath, Posturologist, Kaatsu Master Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutrition Specialist.

Claude launched CG Sports Performance Corporation in 2016 to enhance athlete performance and to promote health and wellness within the community.

The company is also proud to be the official Canadian distributor of Kaatsu equipment. We are also offering Kaatsu training and Kaatsu cycle to our clientele, which is quickly becoming a revolutionary training method for high caliber athletes in various sports fields like NFL, NHL, NBA, and the Olympics.

User Manual
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How does KAATSU work?

KAATSU Training of today is the result of more than 40 years of further testing and research. Research is still underway to find applications for KAATSU Training in a wider range of fields...(more)

KAATSU Training 5 immediate effects

Weight loss effect...(more)
KAATSU Training increases the release of growth hormone, reducing the likelihood of getting fat. Also, increased muscle resulting from training means the body burns fat more easily.

Improved circulation...(more)
Repeatedly applying and removing pressure restores the elasticity of the blood vessels. Because circulation and blood flow rate increase, the body's metabolism is revived. Conditions such as intolerance to cold and stiff shoulders are improved.

Improved recovery...(more)
Research data shows that KAATSU Training speeds up recovery from injuries including broken bones, pulled muscles, and strained ligaments. This is probably because growth hormone aids the recovery of muscles and the body as a whole.

Increased muscular strength...(more)
The large effect obtained from lighter loads makes it easier to continue training. It is also easier to avoid injury, making it suitable for anyone regardless of age and gender.

Anti-aging/beautiful skin...(more)
According to research reseults, 290 times the normal amount of growth hormone is secreted during KAATSU Training. Growth hormone restores the tone and youthfulness of skin and decreases the possibility of putting on fat.

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