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KAATSU Training & KAATSU Cycles

Whereas KAATSU Training can entail either slow or rigorous motion with or without resistance, KAATSU Cycle can be done without any motion or with very slow motions. Therefore, a hallmark of the KAATSU Cycle is that - even when there is motion - it is always "low impact" by design. KAATSU sessions are available at our office in Dorval by a certified KAATSU trainer.

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Distribution of KAATSU Equipment

We are the official Canadian distributor of all KAATSU equipment and we provide training and certification of KAATSU instructors, for physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers, as well as fitness centers.


The goal of Posturology is to remove the adaptation of fascias and to re-engram a proper postural scheme and change motor patterns which will allow a permanent correction of the sensors responsible for proper posture resulting in symmetry in the body on a structural level. When the body is aligned, it works fluidly and there is no reason for pain and tightness to develop.

Book a session with one of our certified posturologists.

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