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KAATSU Training

The most distinctive feature of KAATSU training is that it produces a significant effect in a short time using extremely light loads.

Chris Morgan, Olympic Coach

The reason the athletes I am working with like training with the KAATSU Bands is [because] when they are doing it they really feel like they are working hard; and when they take them off, they are able to recover very, very fast.

Harvard Medical School Professors

My quality of life has noticeably improved while using KAATSU. I have an improved range of motion in my right elbow and improved function of my right arm. I have seen a significant increase in my right bicep and right tricep muscle mass and strength. I have more flexibility in both shoulders and my blood pressure was lower when using KAATSU (108/75) versus not (120/80). Curiously, I also found that my fingernails grow very rapidly when using KAATSU.

Olympic Medalists Noriaki Kasai

Several Japanese Olympic medalists have used KAATSU Training in their preparation for the Olympics.

Noriaki Kasai is the most recent.

At the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Kasai was a double medalist in Sochi (silver and bronze) as the oldest medalist in Sochi at the age of 41.

He regularly uses KAATSU and is looking forward to winning gold as a 45-year-old at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.

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